Monday, May 19, 2014

it's like being inside a painting

yesterday, we spent the day in the backyard.

actually i lied... first, we did chores (i took the inside jobs and ian mowed the lawn .... 
talk about division of labour between the sexes!!!!)

the kiddlings, hearing the word 'chore'... conveniently decided to walk 
harlow to pick up some things from the dollarama.

after all the dishes, laundry, vacuuming, and tidying up was done,  
ian was onto the front yard.

i was ready to chillax and pick up my book 
(our bookclub is reading 419 ).
but i didn't.....
it was too beautiful in the backyard....
especially with a freshly mowed lawn.
my garden is in its' second peak.
it only peaks three times (maybe four, if i water) during the spring/summer months.

the irises, the poppies, the peonies and the rhodos are in full bloom.
all of them are totally stunning in their own way.
they say it takes patience to grow a garden...
you have to plant the seed and believe in its' potential.

the oriental poppies, i planted from seed almost 18 years ago.
we love being outside at this time of year because of all the colours

and this spring, we have been blessed with gorgeous temperatures and hardly any wind.  
(i really hate it when the irises get sooo tall and erect
 and then mother nature decides to blow)
for me, gardening is so meditative and relaxing (maybe because i don't mind weeds).

i have read somewhere that spending time in nature is a great way to find peace and balance within oneself because everything in nature is just being 
(nothing has been digitized, disneyfied or pixelized)
i used to get sad knowing that the colours eventually fade and that the flowers will die. 
(their lifespan is way tooooooo short)

 but because most of my yard is filled with perennials, i take refuge in the thought 
that most will come back even bigger and stronger the following spring.
i finally did settle with a cup of coffee and some chocolate almonds.
ian finally finished mowing the front and was ready to barbeque!!!
wishing all my canadian friends and family a happy may long weekend!!!



  1. lovely pics!!!!

    1. thanks andrea... i had fun taking them!!!

  2. So beautiful...I spent a summer working part time in the floral dept at WFM and everyone would comment on how I seemed to be glowing when I worked can you not be filled with complete joy when you are around flowers.

    1. you're right... everytime we enter our garden we end up smiling from ear to ear and feeling so blessed
      thanks for stopping by

  3. You have so many pretty flowers in your garden, love it

    1. most of them are divisions for neighbours and friends whose gardens have gotten too big,,,
      i love especially love the irises!

  4. Oh what a gorgeous garden! The colors are amazing and I love the fact that you planted a garden that will peak at different times. We finally got around to planting our vegetable garden. Here is my link

    1. i tried a veggie garden, but i'm not sure if you can see, we have an english walnut tree shading the back yard, and veggies don't seem to thrive under it. i will stop by your blog and check yours this week

  5. What a beautiful garden. It reminds me of my grandmothers.

    1. thank you... do you get to visit your grandma's garden often???


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!