Sunday, June 1, 2014

fisherman's wharf

it was a gorgeous day in victoria yesterday...
so we headed to fisherman's wharf, about a 10 minute drive from home,
 to check out the float homes.

we wanted to check out this floating village and all its colourful float homes.

 the float homes are moored on fingers:  a, b, c.
i'm guessing these fingers are like the streets of the village.

there were 33 berths designated specifically for the floating homes.

when we visited, there was a notice saying: 
that all 33 spots where occupied,
that all the owners live in their homes,
that there were no absentee landlords,
and that the float homes are not rented.

this home had a copper roof
when i took this photo, i hadn't seen the people on the deck.
i felt bad afterwards for intruding on their privacy...

people who choose to live here must not mind living in the centre of lively activity.
besides the tourists, the area is a crossroads 
for harbour ferries, float planes, kayaks, fishing vessels.

when you walk down the wooden lanes, 
you can get a very close view of their decks...
and if a door or window is open,
you take a peek into their lives inside these wonderful structures.

some of the homes had some really cool names...

and there was a banana boat with alot of monkey business going on....

 however, the highlights are the resident seals.

we saw two of seals twirling for food
they know that the tourists will buy them some fish 
so they will come up for a photo shoot.

 harlow was fascinated...
he wore his inquisitive brow 
and his ears were perked up the whole time.

that was victoria's very own fisherman's wharf... 
you must come to see it, if you're ever on the island.


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