Saturday, June 14, 2014

grand finale

for the last two evenings, 
everybody who is anybody (in our little school community) 
was at lansdowne middle school for our final concert celebration.

the gymnasium was packed with parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, 
neighbours and friends to hear the children perform.

the bleachers were expanded and chairs where set up for 
an audience of over a 600 people.
we had to get there early to get a good view.

the sound system was plugged, tuned and ready to amplify the magic.

there was a long itinerary of performances and performers:

gr 8 showcats band  
gr 8 skyliners band
gr 7 snowbird band
gr 7 thunderbirds band
gr 6 clippers band
gr 6 falcons band
gr 7/8 concert choir
jazz band

 both evening lasted a good two hours !!!

the energy in the room was amazing... 
the children were dressed in their band uniform,
the music scores were performed beautifully
and the audience was moved to a standing ovation.

the parents were full of pride and many were ready
 with their fingers on their recording devices 
so they can go home and watch the performances over and over again.

have i already mentioned that our school music program
 is probably the largest  (if not the best !!!) in the city.

we are so fortunate to have denver rawson, 
who has taken the lead in our children's music education.
he and his gang has been a true inspiration to these kids.

our children have learned so much these last few years... 
and their dedication to their music was rewarded by several band trips during the school year.

this year, my daughter and her friends went 
all the way to kelowna, bc on a four night band tour, 
with a final performance at the PNE (pacific national exhibition) in vancouver, b.c.

with the full walkout teacher strike in british columbia, 
these concert series were held dear to our hearts as a chance to say goodbye 
in lieu of all the planned farewell activities that had to be cancelled 
because of the unexpected shortening of the school year.

the second evening was very emotional because 
the band teachers acknowledged each graduating grade 8 student individually.  

as their names were called, one by one
they came forward with their instrument to take a bow.

these grade eight children are moving on... 
it will be a change all right... 
since some of them have been together since kindergarten 
and some since pre school.

next year... they go separately to the high school of their choice !!!

thank goodness for the bake sale
all that music and end of year emotions made everyone hungry....

and... meanwhile, at the very back of the bleachers, 
my friends and i were holding back our tears of joy 
as our children embark onto the next phase of their lives...


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