Monday, September 15, 2014

trapped in a jar

 i woke up this morning and found this in my kitchen !!!

what the heck?!?

then i remembered my daughter had mentioned that she had read somewhere 
or heard from someone about a great solution for all the fruit flies that have been 
swarming around any unrefrigerated fruit around the house.

OMG... it's brilliant.
it looks like she placed a banana peal and a piece of apple in a mason jar 
then covered it with heavy plastic (she used a sandwich bag) 
and sealed it with an elastic band.
finally, she punctured a few holes on top.

 i wish you could see all the fruit flies trapped inside the jar.
50 down...only 100,000 to go !!!

never the less... it was a beautiful surprise to wake up to.
hope your  monday starts just as wonderful.



  1. Great idea! We are pretty much done with the fruit flies now, but filing this away for next year :)

    1. it works... i just have to keep setting the little buggers free outdoors every few hours before they figure out how to escape !!


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!