Saturday, November 15, 2014

a stack of dainty

ian had some work in duncan, b.c. this past week,
guess who got to tag along for a day trip.

duncan is a quaint little town just an hour north of victoria.
it has some several unique shops and 
probably my favourite coffee/ bookstore venue 
in all of the island.

i had a wonderful day browsing the shops,
meeting up with a friend for lunch at the garage
and then knitting and people watching 
while i waited for ian to finish work.

 i wanted to show you what i found at the local thrift store
a stack of dainty, crocheted snowflakes...

aren't they simply precious?
i found them in the christmas corner,
in a little box amongst the ornaments
selling for 5 cents a piece.

i bought the entire lot
fifty five hand crocheted 
and starched snowflakes 
and couple of angels.

i've always wanted to learn how to crochet.
with these dainty inspirations,
this might just be the year !!!


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