Monday, May 25, 2015

after swiftsure...

we had a beautiful very relaxing.
and i'm sure it was because we prepared and cleaned our home 
for weekend company on friday afternoon...(i even did some windows !)
ian's family came for brunch and the kiddos had some friends drop by 
to hang-out and test run a new video game.

uncluttered, organized and vacuumed... and it remained like that
 long enough for me to thoroughly enjoy it.  
we really must have company over more often.

now, hello monday!!!
with renewed energy and a fresh perspective, 
i'm saying hello to the brand new week and all the gifts it has to offer
hello coastal walks...the swiftsure international yacht races are over, and our coast is clear once again !!!  there are several beaches not too far from our house - and lately, i've been drawn to them.

hello sugar detox...i'm into my fourth day of eliminating sugar from my meals and snacks and i'm feeling great.  goodbye chocolate almonds, hello bosc pears, blueberries, plums and all of mother nature's lower glycemic sweets.

hello will be busy drying all my duvets and covers this sunny week (the weatherman better be right!!!)
hello bubbles...i was visiting a friend last week and she and her daughter pulled out some giant wands and we proceeded to make the most glorious bubbles.  you never grow too old for bubbles...and i'm getting me some !!!

hello shoe shopping...we are slowly preparing for a summer trip that will need really comfortable walking shoes (there are so much to choose from...the trick is finding ones that teens will agree to wear)

hello making time to breath and collect my thoughts...with the ending of school and coming of exams my teens are feeling anxious lately.  by breathing deeply and being extra mindful, i'm hopefully teaching them, by example, some healthy coping mechanisms.

hello everyone... i'm almost at the bottom of this mug of coffee, then i'm ready.


joining karen and lisa


  1. I really need to detox on sugar.....I'll have to remember to! Looks like a wonderful restful weekend :)

    1. detoxing on sugar is the hardest...because it is in almost everything and also because I love chocolate (sigh!!!)
      But only five days into it, and I'm already feeling better.

  2. Sounds like a good weekend. I cleaned our windows a few weeks ago, goodness what a difference, it's like bringing the outside in. Have a lovely week Erica.

    1. oh should have seen how black my rags were after cleaning those was a miracle we could see out beforehand. HAHA

  3. I am 8 days into my no-added-sugar diet. I did have a dish of ice cream a few days ago, but I am back on track. I did lose one pound in the last week so I'm sticking with it.

    I can't tell you how much I love your poppies on the beach photos. So beautiful in such a sublime way. I want to live where you do!

    1. thank you so much... I agree that those poppies add such a delicate perspective to the beach scene. You will have to come and visit our little island...there is so much to natural beauty to see.


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!